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Sunday, October 2, 2011

On Fall and Worship

Sometime during the fall it happens.  The heavy humid air that we in New Orleans enjoy almost year round gives way to a cold front of some kind and the temperature and humidity--for a few minutes or days--feels like fall.  This morning Judi and Noel (the dog/human who owns us) went for a walk in such rarefied low-60 something degree air and glorious sunrise.  On a Sunday. 

I thank God for a tangible reminder of what worship is each week.  A surprise change in the atmosphere. A delight at seeing friends and fellowshipping around the wonder of being around God's people.  A freedom to worship and sing and pray and be...

I love being able to preach (if it is my turn somewhere) or listen to the teaching of the Word. I love thinking about Who God is and What He has done, is doing, and will do.  I pray that your Sunday is a weekly change of season that reminds you that the Sabbath is just different.  For my friends who have staff positions at local churches and carry many keys that fit many locks, I pray for you today that you can get a minute or two of "fall" in the midst of a busy day of shepherding and leading.