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Monday, September 1, 2014

On Mack Hannah and Providence

I was privileged to preach at Dunwoody Baptist Church, pinch hitting for Mack Hannah who is courageously battling liver cancer.  Mack's instructions to the church, via his son David--"Each time you pray for me, pray that a person you know who is not a follower of Christ will become one."  I preached from Psalm 121 and while sitting in a McDonald's drinking coffee and finishing up the sermon, I wrote this poem to close.

Where Do You Go?

Where do you look when things go awry?
When the bad diagnosis brings a tear to your eye?
When your kids won't behave and your marriage is rocky?
When your standard response is "I guess I'm not lucky"?

When your focus is blurred and your vision is cloudy
When your confidence is shaken and filled with self doubt
When the goal of the day is to take one more step
When the waters you're swimming have way too much depth.

When your faith is in crisis and God seems far away
When the words from your friends seem forced and cliche
When the Bible is cryptic and the praise songs are hollow
When you lay down your head to sleep through the sorrow.

It is a mistake to believe God is one among many
     of solutions giving comfort and presence to any
     of the problems you carry which trouble and drain
He is all strong and all comfort and all hearing to pain

It is a mistake to believe that God has forgotten
     the big things and small things which weigh down your thoughts
     the stories and crises which keep you from sleep
He too is awake as His love is that deep.

It is a mistake to think that He can't understand
     the pain, grief and loss that are common to man
His standard of care is the gift of His son
To demonstrate the absolute victory won.