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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

On What I Learned in Worship Today

Today I got to worship at my own church instead of doing ministry somewhere else.  I love being home and sitting next to my bride in worship. I look forward to hearing my pastor, Dr. David Crosby preach. He is an amazing communicator and leader.  But today, before he spoke, the music touched me.  Robert is our worship leader and he is outstanding as well. Music has always been emotional for me, but today was special. I confess that I can be snobbish about singing in worship.  Why do we have to stand up all the time? How would the music guys like it if we made them stand up while we preach?  But I digress. Today I was humbled.

I have known the music reaches a different part of our brain than words or pictures.  I get that sometimes the rhythms and cadence of music communicate deeply. I got it all over today as I watched two men in my church. Both were born with Downs Syndrome.  One of them has been my friend for most of his life.  Mike was born while I was youth minister to his two older sisters and currently, both Mike and I volunteer for the New Orleans Zephyrs minor league baseball club.  The other person I observed in worship is much younger, but was inspiring to watch nonetheless.

Mike has always served as a kind of guest conductor.  Whenever music is sung at our church, you can see him caught up in it from his place in the pew.  He waves his arms like the music leader, completely sold out to worship. It is his way of participating.  Today, the other young man was singing.  He sang every word of every song, completely caught up in the moment. He modeled for me the old saying that we worship "for an audience of One." I have not seen such uninhibited praise very often.

I confess and apologize for underestimating what God does when He connects with our hearts through musical worship.  It is an amazingly universal language. It sings over us, draws us in and lifts us up.  At least it does if we aren't preoccupied with our posture.  I repent.

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