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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Older Entries from other blogs #1

I have always enjoyed writing thoughts. These are a couple of journal entries from other online places...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

why we love on Valentine's Day
In John 14, Jesus speaks of a motivation for obedience. He calls it love. As I thought about that concept, I considered how far I am from that motivation for doing the things that please the people around me. I do what is expected, often because--well, it is expected. How slow I am sometimes--I delight when my own children do the right thing because they love their daddy and have learned the right thing from my words or my actions. As I purchased Valentine's "happys" for my wife, I don't think it occurred to me that I would get in trouble if I forgot or if the gift wasn't the right thing or if I didn't spend enough money. I bought because I love my bride (going on 24 years). How I want all of the "obedience" in my life to be because I love and honor Jesus. I understand that driving the speed limit because I love Jesus may seem a stretch, but maybe not. I know that Jesus was as exasperated with man-made laws as we are, yet He honored authority because of His relationship with His Father. He smiles when my obedience steps out of the legalism box and into a relationship box. Though I fear the consequences of a traffic ticket, the opportunity to worship God through my restraint should bring me joy. I understand through a human (and probably pagan) holiday that a gift brought from a heart of love is so much more special than a gift brought from a sense of duty and fear. This is a good day for me to practice worship through obedience.

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