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Sunday, December 4, 2011

On Shepherds

My friend of 30 years is Clay Corvin--our Vice President for Business Admin at the Seminary. More importantly he is a shepherd for me as a friend, a husband to Carol and a poet. He encouraged me to post this one that I wrote.  How ironic that he has been an earthly shepherd to so many of us. He is in the middle. . .


A Calling to protect
A Commissioning to guide
A Consecration to nurture

A Voice that comforts from a face turned toward
A Voice that leads from a face turned away

A Resolve that breaks legs for wanderers
A Compassion that carries the prodigal lamb on his neck

A Description of a man after God’s own heart
A Designation for the Qumran boy who found the scroll

A Pariah banned from the Temple
A King who wanted to build the Temple
A Messiah who cleansed the Temple

A Paradox of acceptance
A Despised occupation
A Metaphor for the King

A Savior Shepherd Who has prepared the eternal sheep fold. 

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