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Monday, January 25, 2010

On Worship and the Saints

Those of you who know me know that I mean my beloved New Orleans Saints. I am a season-ticket holder (if you are from another city, understand that the season tickets in New Orleans are to this point very affordable). Thus I was at the epic game on Sunday night.

It brought back a memory. Several years ago, Louie Giglio described the reception that Michael Jackson received around the world as an earthly imitation of worship. Among the MJ fans, all the biblical components of worship were present--hands raised, unashamed adoration, falling on faces, shouting, singing...

On Sunday night, I may have stumbled on another earthly metaphor. I would never reduce heavenly things to earthly imitations, but the atmosphere in the Superdome was an earthly imitation of what heaven must be like. All of one mind. Community to make the most ardent postmodernist jealous. Shouting from the top of our lungs. Adoration for our heroes. Singular focus. Complete an undivided attention. Unscripted shouting (when the Vikings offense was on the field) spontaneous hand raising (when we waited for the referees to get Reggie's touchdown call right). Animosity towards anything that hindered the cause, be it purple and white or black and white striped...

Wonder why we don’t do that in church? Now that would be attractive to people who are wondering what's the big deal about a relationship with Jesus.

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