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Friday, January 15, 2010

Speak, LORD, for Your servant is listening.

The Word of God is always timely. I am at the beginning of a semester, always overwhelming and exciting at the same time. I love the freshness of students in classes and the challenge of making old notes new again. I am also a parent of two college students and the husband of a wonderful woman and the blessed friend of many friends. See earlier post.

But I am aware that I talk too much. I am asked for advice and I give too much. I am not asked for advice and I give it anyway. I know that God has given us each a measure of wisdom to share with others and a big part of the wisdom is knowing when not to share. I am learning.

As usual, the daily Bible reading in the journey that we are on at NOBTS to read through the whole Bible is right on target. In 1 Samuel 3, as a young not yet prophet, Samuel is confused when God talks to him because he "had not yet experienced the Lord" (v.7). When the wiser Eli instructs him to simply affirm his availability, Samuel starts a remarkable ministry to King David and all of Israel.

I think today, I will try to simply state the words that Eli gave Samuel:

Speak, Lord for your servant is listening.

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  1. I just happened to read this post, and yes sometimes we all need to learn to listen more. But, God has given you wisdom in the words you say! As someone who asked you for advice once your words still ring in my head and heart... God used you to speak to me! So...Thank you!